• June 9, 2011
  • 1:46 pm
  • Rough diagrams for disposal cells on the Leslie Street Spit
  • June 7, 2011
  • 7:33 am
  • Parameters Used to Evaluate Sediment Quality in Disposal Cell 1 on the Leslie Street Spit.
  • May 13, 2011
  • 8:22 am
  • May 10, 2011
  • 1:14 pm
  • Previous Version.
  • May 6, 2011
  • 11:39 am
  • Not Fast, totally Furious by me (2011). It’s still in progress.
Edit: This is taking forever. I’ve been building up to this map all week. I have been shifting and adjusting aerials, GIS data and public domain .svg maps of Southern Ontario so that all the maps are in some form of coherent alignment. As for the additional information for this update, here are the details:
Municipal boundaries with corresponding titles.
Clarified some of the color choices for each temporal layer.
Edited some of the text so that it looks more appropriate.
Things to look for are the following:
Text regarding the currents of Lake Ontario, the water body’s distant euthrophic future and land rebounding.
Creating a consistent color scheme that corresponds to internal logic and other maps within the set.
Highlighting areas of deeper focus: the Scarborough shelf of the Toronto Scarp.
Mini-maps showcasing current movements and a north-south bathymetry section.
  • May 4, 2011
  • 5:10 pm
  • Great Lakes Drainage Basin.
Edit: more information, clarity and coherency between map and section.
  • April 14, 2011
  • 9:50 am
  • April 14, 2011
  • 9:47 am
  • April 14, 2011
  • 9:00 am
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